CAROLE DEMAS has been receiving rave reviews throughout her long career,
here are a few examples:

…highlights of the evening .. guest star Carole Demas. … taken by songs of great meaning and poetic lyrics by contemporary songwriters… Demas was inspirational and absolutely stirring with “Advice to a Young Firefly,” written by Sam Carner and Derek Gregor, arranged by her long-time music director, Ian Herman. Herman accompanied Demas on two more songs, the seldom-heard but exquisite full version of “Over the Rainbow,” and “The Rose.” Both were delivered with the total commitment to feeling and emotion at which Demas is so good. Her youthful and flexible voice is always a treat to listen to. She never disappoints.

Marilyn Lester, Theatre Pizzazz

"Special guest star Carole Demas …. With youthful power, Demas sang an authoritative “Broadway Baby” and then delivered a one-two punch with an intense, emotion-packed and thoroughly gut-wrenching “Losing My Mind.” Both Ross and Demas are champion interpreters of a lyric and their duet on “Embraceable You,” with some newly discovered verses, demonstrated a wonderful chemistry we hope to see more of.

Marilyn Lester, Cabaret Scenes

“Carole Demas in Summer Nights ….an exceptionally enjoyable evening of stories and song….the sound of jaws dropping….. gives the energetic performance of a woman who pays little attention to the hands of time.

Ms. Demas was a revelation. … engaging, flirty and sexy, a secure woman of a certain age showing all her many colors.
Ms. Demas’ range, both vocally and emotionally, is large and varied.

She is an incredibly expressive singing actress … her sweet head voice in addition to her big belt. … brought down the proverbial house… moving and completely riveting. … infuses the room with a combination of sweetness, strength and beauty. She truly is a joy to watch.”

Mona Finston, Cabaret Hotline

“Ms. Demas, a petite blonde with large, expressive brown eyes and a smile that could melt the North Pole, …… I have never had the opportunity to appreciate how multifaceted and compelling she is as a performer.

The voice is in impeccable form, with a wistful head voice matched by an incredibly powerful belt. Ms. Demas looks and sounds so youthful ……(she) took off into stratosphere in energy, wit and voice.

The evening’s highlight; ... Ms. Demas’ rendition of “Meadowlark,” ……unlike any other I’ve ever heard. Not only was it thrillingly sung, but it was so fully realized, …. a bona fide showstopper, this astonishing interpretation.

Ms. Demas radiates warmth and good will, We could have listened to her – talk or sing – for days. I hope all of you one day get to hear her sing “Meadowlark.”

Kevin Daley, theatre aficionado at large

“This one night only, sold out show was such an event that I lost myself in it. Carole is an exquisite singer with a Broadway ... and TV ... pedigree … the show concept, song choices and delivery of every single tune were all just so impressive. She sings with such joy and passion too. …absolutely stunning…

...listening to her deliver the tunes … as a person of a certain age and experience, it brings a new meaning to her material. It just does. There is wisdom and gratitude in all that she sings.

She demonstrated this again BIG TIME at the end of the program when she sang "Meadowlark" like no one I have ever heard sing it before… THEN, as if this wasn't enough, she brought us to tears again when she delivered a gutsy strong rendition of Billy Joel's "I've Loved These Days"…. there wasn't a dry eye in the house. AND ... .just when I thought we were done, she delivers "A Quiet Thing" as almost a prayer to music and her love of it and to us, the audience…

She was stunning. This show was stunning. Carole Demas is an inspiration to me. She inspires me to strive to be a better singer and to do it for a long time for the pure joy of just singing and to be grateful for the honor of entertaining.”

Sue Matsuki, Cabaret Hotline

“This lovely venue only seats one hundred people allowing you to be close and appreciate the treasure of Demas’s voice and talent. …(she) articulated what she sang in such a way that even if it was a song you heard many times before, you really listened to and appreciated the lyrics and their meaning. With accompaniment by her very talented musical director and pianist Ian Herman as well as wonderful guitarist Sean Harkness, Demas revealed her beautiful voice and great vocal range.

Demas shared sweet, personal stories in between some of the songs but kept the set flowing. Ian Herman wowed with his performance of a song he composed named “Too Fast.”I have never seen a piano player’s fingers move so quickly and so precisely while delivering a highly entertaining piece of music.

She exquisitely sang one of my favorite Broadway songs from this show, “Meadowlark.” She drew the audience into the story the song shares as her beautiful voice built throughout it. At the end of the show, Demas sang another Billy Joel song “I’ve Loved These Days” receiving a well-deserved standing ovation. For an encore she performed Kandor and Ebb’s “A Quiet Thing,” gently and sweetly. Its lyrics include “happiness comes in on tip-toe.” That is how her performance felt, while strong, it was not overbearing and it left you with a happy feeling.”

Lori Alamia - The Celebrity Café.com

“…..a delightful concert. … Carole is all girlish charm, which she displays in number after number. ….she builds wistfully and playfully before finishing with a bang.

"Summer Nights." …… this absolutely fun number ...was the cherry on top this already sweet show.

The most thrilling performance of the evening was Carole's rendition of Stephen Schwartz' "Meadowlark". Carole was nothing short of spectacular on this number.
As she belted this 11 o'clock number, she completely transported the entire room .... If she had sung nothing else all evening, this would have been enough.”

Sarah B. Roberts, adventures in the endless pursuit of entertainment

“Carole looks amazing. It's cra-za-zy. Secondly she sounded great. Such a pretty, girlish tone still! And she sang so much! What stamina! …. On Monday, she sang Meadowlark and I'm so glad she did because it was such a different rendition than I've heard before….Carole added such wonder and joy ... that I'm now completely obsessed with her version of the song. Brava!”

Seth Rudetsky, Sirius/XM Radio

“Entitled Carole Demas: Summer Nights, an obvious play on her role as Sandy, the evening emerges as not only a phenomenally inventive evening of showmanship, but a most wonderful throwback to the glory days of 1970s cabaret … the result is so heaven-sent that at times she appears almost a cross of Judy Collins and Betty Buckley, besides steadfastly remaining her own true self. It's obvious to call her a vocal
champion a few numbers into the evening,…

her outstanding musical director Ian Herman (has) the chance to dazzle the crowd with his composition "Too Fast," a veritable symphony of ragtime and jazz.

Demas reclaims the stage for a true treat; she brings Paula Janis out of the audience along with guitar, to afford the two the chance to once again delight audiences with "The Hello Song," to the squealing thrill of all the fortysomethings assembled who adore them both. As if that wasn't enough, she follows with "Summer Nights" and is joined by both Ms. Janis and Ilene Kristen, who played Patty Simcox in the original production of Grease, providing backup vocals as the Pink Ladies, and young Josh Franklin, who recently returned from Grease's national tour as Danny Zuko.

…she once again tears into "Meadowlark" with relish …. sends the mega-enthusiastic crowd on their way with a final encore of "A Quiet Thing," which couldn't be rendered more perfectly.

...the lady is physically and vocally ageless, and both looks and sounds as though she just emerged from a 1973 time capsule. The point cannot be driven home more strongly. Carole Demas is a knockout in every possible way. …. and simply shouldn't be missed.”

Andrew Martin, Nite Life Exchange

"Itʼs especially refreshing to see a woman who isnʼt afraid to let people know her age. Carole Demas is seventy years old, looking much more youthful, slim and trim and proud of every moment of her long and fulfilling career.
… The title of her show belies the actual content, which is jam-packed with memories, like her days as a fan of the Brooklyn Dodges and stories galore,
… Demas
ʼ soprano radiates a softness, with dramatic touches, that works well in “Whatever Happened to Us” (Wainwright III) and a nostalgic fervor in the simplicity and sweetness of “Try to Remember” (Jones/Schmidt)
… Her audience couldn
ʼt get enough of “Summer Nights”

Sandi Durell, Cabaret Scenes

“... Charming ... knockout figure ... knockout belt...”

Michale Dale, Broadway World

The original Sandy from Grease, Carole Demas, offered “It’s Raining on Prom Night” with the gorgeously naïve investment of a high school student. Years fell away as Demas mourned her loss and longed for love. Oh dear god, make him feel the same way I do right now, rings true, sympathetic, and sweet. The show, which ran 8 years was, at the time, the longest running musical on Broadway.
(Broadway by the Year-1972 - Town Hall, April 29, 2013)

Alix Cohen, Times Square Chronicles

Getting to the highlights of this production, a thrilling moment of nostalgia was the appearance of Carole Demas, from the original cast of “Grease” in the role of Sandy, to poignantly sing “It’s Raining on Prom Night.” She looked great and was in fine voice, delivering the number with passion and strength and earning enthusiastic audience applause.
(Broadway by the Year-1972 - Town Hall, April 29, 2013)

William Wolf, Wolf Entertainment Guide

“…but for "It's Raining on Prom Night" Broadway's original Sandy, Carole Demas, made a special guest appearance, wearing a plain robe for the number, but removing it to reveal a smashing gown for her makeover reprise of "Sandra Dee." At 72 years of age she looked and sounded just terrific.
(Broadway by the Year-1972 - Town Hall, April 29, 2013)

Michael Dale, Broadway World

"Demas delivers, knocking out …. "Summer Nights,"
"The casual Demas has a wide smile and a welcoming, laid-back demeanor, but beneath that ease lies considerable professionalism."
"Demas radiates warmth bolstered by assurance, breath control and training. Still as youthful looking as the girl-on-the-stoop-next-door, she intriguingly ends her show with two sharply contrasting looks at life…"

Elizabeth Ahlfors, Bistro

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A Long Career:

“CAROLE DEMAS could not have been better”

Clive Barnes, New York Times

“Miss Demas is captivating”

Richard Watts, New York Post

“ . . .great charm, looks and talent”

George Oppenheimer, Newsday

“ . . . no one could embody quintessence as well”

Michael Feingold, Village Voice

“CAROLE DEMAS . . a stand out, . . . a real doll”


“CAROLE DEMAS . . . pretty, appealing, believably innocent . . .and believably liberated”

Walter Kerr, New York Times

“my favorite, CAROLE DEMAS”

Leonard Harris, CBS-TV

“ . . . has a fascinating quality that conveys an interesting combination of jaded sexuality and affecting innocence”

Ron Pennington, Stage Reviews, Los Angeles

“The female lead is played to great effect by CAROLE DEMAS”

Martin Bookspan, WPIX-TV

“CAROLE DEMAS…especially worthy”

John Simon

“Carole can sing ‘It’s Raining on Prom Night’ with all the poignancy that Sandra Dee should have had”

Chicago Tribune

“CAROLE DEMAS . . . breathes vigor, humor and talent”

Richard Shepard, The New York Times

“. . . played to perfection by CAROLE DEMAS”

Carol Kramer, Chicago Tribune

“CAROLE DEMAS… and the others rate bravos”

Emory Lewis, The Bergen Record

“CAROLE DEMAS is delightful”

William A. Raidy, New House Publishing

“The production is fortunate to have CAROLE DEMAS”

Jack Garver, United Press International

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